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Tiree Map

Wee Township, Rural Centre - Click to enlarge!
Wee Township, Rural Centre
- August 2006

A'Bhuain, An Talla - Click to enlarge!
A'Bhuain, An Talla
- May 2006


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Working Mill Wheel, Cornaigmore - Click to enlarge!
Working Mill Wheel
, Cornaigmore - August 2006

Tiree Airport - Click to enlarge!
Tiree Airport
- May 2005

Island House - Click to enlarge!
Island House
- August 2005

Kirkapol Church - Click to enlarge!
Kirkapol Church
- June 2005

An Iodhlann - Click to enlarge!
An Iodhlann
, Scarinish - April 2005

Scarinish Hotel - Click to enlarge!
Scarinish Hotel
- April 2005

Tiree Lodge Hotel - Click to enlarge!
Tiree Lodge Hotel
, Gott Bay - August 2005

Air traffic radar - Click to enlarge!
Air traffic radar
, Ben Hynish - March 2005

Tiree Health Centre - Click to enlarge!
Tiree Health Centre
, Baugh - December 2005

Heylipol Church - Click to enlarge!
Heylipol Church
- August 2005

Key buildings on Tiree include the Tiree Airport, the Market & Rural Centre, Antalla community hall at Crossapol and An Iodhlann museum & heritage centre. Of course I can't omit the island's two hotels - the Tiree Lodge Hotel at Gott Bay and the Scarinish Hotel over looking the old harbour in Scarinish.

Island house, dating from around 1750, is the Duke of Argyll's residence on Tiree. The site was originally an island with an ancient castle protected by moat and draw bridge. When the present house was built, the moat was filled in. Island House is therefore no longer on an island, though from some angles it looks as if it is.

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