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The Ringing Stone - Click to enlarge!
The Ringing Stone, west of Vaul

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Stone Circle, Moss - Ben Hough beyond


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The Ringing Stone - Click to enlarge!
Standing stone, Moss - Ben Hough beyond

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Dun Mhor Broch, Vaul

Caoles Broch - Click to enlarge!
Caolas Broch

Kirkapol, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Kirkapol Chapels

Patrick's Temple, Balephuil - Click to enlarge!
Patrick's Temple

The Ringing Stone - Click to enlarge!
Kilkenneth Chapel

The history of Tyree (as Tiree used to be known) is long and varied testified by the evidence spread around the island. The Ringing Stone has been decorated by dozens of cup markings and may date back 4000 years. This practice was common throughout much of Scotland. Other ancient structures of archaeological interest include standing stones, stone circles (between Kilkenneth & Moss) and crannogs on various lochs.

An ancient poem refers to the 'eight towers of Tyree', possibly the brochs which date from the 1st Century AD.

Kirkapol Chapels are probably 13th & 14th Century but are built on much older pagan sites. Kilkenneth Chapel is possibly earlier. Patrick's Temple is even older though probably post-Celtic 7thC.

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