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Traigh nan Gilean - Click to enlarge!
Flowers on Kennavara & Traigh nan Gilean
July 2005

Nesting seabirds - Click to enlarge!
Nesting seabirds
July 2005


Kennavara, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Cairn on summit - May 2006

Balephuil, Isle of Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Balephuil - May 2006

Sandaig & Ben Hough - Click to enlarge!
Sandaig & Ben Hough - May 2006

Sea Cliffs, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Sea Cliffs - May 2006

Sandaig - Click to enlarge!
Sandaig - May 2006

Balephuil - Click to enlarge!
Balephuil & Loch a'Phuill - May 2006

Kennavara, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Kennavara - May 2006

Primroses, Isle of Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Primroses - May 2006

Kennavara (Ceann a' Mhara in Gaelic) forms a headland and ridge between Balephuil and Sandaig on the southwest corner of Tiree. On top of the hill are a number of dun forts. This area is the most rugged part of the island.

The cliffs of Kennavara are an important nesting area for seabirds and are reckoned to be dangerous - a local Tiree saying suggests you shouldn't venture onto Kennavara alone. This may be common sense advice or it may have roots in the legends of supernatural beings which inhabit the caves!

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