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Soroby Beach - Click to enlarge!
January 2006

Soroby from Ben Hynish - Click to enlarge!
Soroby from Ben Hynish - August 2007


Nearby Places:
Balemartine & Mannal

Soroby Graveyard - Click to enlarge!
January 2007

Soroby Beach after a storm - Click to enlarge!
After a storm - January 2007

War graves in Soroby Cemetery - Click to enlarge!
War Graves - January 2007

Soroby Beach (Gaelic Traigh Shorobaidh), lies north of Balemartine and south of Crossapol on Hynish Bay.

Chiefs of the Clan MacLean were buried in the graveyard, at the southern end of the beach, during the period they ruled Tiree (1390-1680). There was also a parish church here from the 13th to 19th centuries of which nothing remains.

Soroby is the site of more ancient ecclesiastical activity. Scultured stones found in the vicinity give support to Soroby being the site of Maigh Luinge. This was a monastic settlement created on Tiree around 565AD by the abbot of Iona, Baithene. Its purpose is said to have been for the rehabilitation for wayward monks.

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