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Soroby & Crossapol - Click to enlarge!
Soroby & Crossapol - August 2007

Flower on Ben Hynish - Click to enlarge!
Flower on Ben Hynish - August 2007


Air traffic radar - Click to enlarge!
Air traffic radar - March 2005

The 'Golf Ball' - Click to enlarge!
The 'Golf Ball' - March 2005

Hynish, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Hynish - March 2005

Loch a' Phuill - Click to enlarge!
Loch a' Phuill - March 2005

Balephuil, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Balephuil - March 2005

Crossapol, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Crossapol & Airport - March 2005

Balephuil - Click to enlarge!
Balephuil - March 2005

Sandaig, Tiree - Click to enlarge!
Sandaig in the distance - March 2005

At 141m above sea level, Ben Hynish is the highest point on the Isle of Tiree. The access road winds up the west side of the hill from Balephuil. Cars should be left at the foot of the hill and Ben Hynish ascended on foot.

On the crown of the hill stands the white Civil Aviation radar 'golf ball' which is visible from most of Tiree. This structure is designed to withstand 350kph winds! It scan the skies from Scotland out over the Atlantic monitoring commercial trans-Atlantic flights.

The top of the hill is relatively flat so to gain the best views of the townships immediately below it is necessary to walk 50-200m to 'the edge'. By doing so, you get excellent views down to Hynish on the south, Balephuil to the west, Loch a' Phuill to the north with Balemartine, Crossapol, Tiree Airport, Balephetrish and Ben Hough (119m) in an arc south-east round to north. Scarinish and the rest of Tiree lies beyond.

Depending on air clarity you can see most of the Hebridean islands from Ben Hynish - Islay, Jura, Iona, Mull, Muck, Rum, Skye, Canna and the tops of the Mingulay, Barra and other points in the Outer Hebrides - plus various smaller islands in between. Mainland Scotland at Ardnamuchan, plus the tops of various peaks, can be seen between Mull and Coll.

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