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Scarinish across Gott Bay

Scarinish Hotel, a photograph from Tiree
Isle of Tiree - Scarinish Hotel

Fishing boat, Scarinish


Scarinish Hotel from the Old Harbour, Isle of Tiree. This is one of the two island hotels which offer Tiree accommodation. No an old 1882 Ordnance Survey map the hotel is called 'Temperance Hotel'. This reminds us that for many years Tiree was a 'dry island' - no alcohol could be purchased on the island. This situation was encouraged by the Duke of Argyll in the belief that the absence of alcohol would ensure the population were more conscientious workers.

Places near Scarinish: Tiree Airport, Baugh, Gott Pier & Kirkapol

Tiree, famed for sunshine yet exposed to the winds, is located beyond Mull on the fringe of the Atlantic and offers a unique experience. The beaches of white sand, opportunities for watersports, white washed cottages and a more relaxed pace of life keeps visitors coming back again and again. For more, visit the island 'capital', Scarinish.

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