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Balemartine & Ben Hynish
Balemartine from Ben Hynish
Balemartine from Mannal
Balemartine from Soroby Beach
Balemartine from the north
Balemartine from the sea
Entering Balemartine
Sunset over Balemartine
The beach at Balemartine
The beach, Balemartine
Tiree distances in miles

Balephetrish Bay
Balephetrish Beach
Balephetrish Hill
Balephetrish Natural Arch
Balephetrish Sea Worn Arch
Beach at Balephetrish
Bluebells on Balephetrish Hill
Fulmars Nesting at Balephetrish
Houses on Balephetrish Bay
Tiree Marble
View from Balephetrish Hill
Well on Balephetrish Hill
rainbow at Balephetrish

Across Balephuil beach to Kennavara
Balephuil Beach in Summer
Balephuil Beach
Balephuil Dunes
Cottages above the sand, Balephuil
Golf Ball from Balephuil
Rough October seas at Balephuil
Ruin at Balephuil
Skerryvore Lighthouse from Balephuil
Surfers & Skerryvore Lighthouse
Waves at Balephuil

Balevullin & Ben Hough
Balevullin Beach
Balevullin, Tiree Wave Classic 2004
Lone Windsurfer Balevullin
Summer at Balevullin Beach
Surfers at Balevullin Beach
Surfers at Balevullin
Tiree Wave Classic 2004, Balevullin

Baugh & Heanish
Dr Buchanan's Monument, Baugh
Dr Buchanan's Monument
Health Centre
Sunset over Baugh

Ben Hough
Balevullin Beach from Ben Hough
Balevullin from Ben Hough
Ben Mhurstat & Kennavara
Communications Tower & Sandaig
Cornaig & The Green
Isle of Barra from Tiree
Loch Bhasapoll & Balephetrish Bay
Maze and Hough Beaches
Summit of Ben Hough

Ben Hynish
Balephuil from Ben Hynish
Ben Hynish access road
Crossapol & Tiree Airport
Gold Ball, Ben Hynish
Golf Ball, Tiree
Hynish from Ben Hynish
Loch a' Phuill
Sandaig from Ben Hynish
Soroby & Crossapol from Ben Hynish

An Talla
The Bank, Scarinish
Tiree Rural Centre
Wind Turbine, An Talla
A'Bhuain, An Talla
Heylipol Church
Island House
Wee Township at the Rural Centre

Caolas Township
Early summer sunset on beach
Isle of Coll Beaches
Isle of Coll from Caoles
New electricity cable from Isle of Coll
Rocks at Caoles
White sands
Wild Flowers on the Machair
Cattle on the Beach
Dunes & Beach
Flowers on the Machair
High Tide Caoles
Houses by the beach, Caoles
Icelandic Ponies
Isle of Mull from Caoles
Low Tide Caoles
MV Clansman en route to Barra
Moonrise over Gunna
Rainbow over Mull
Rocks & Beach
Sunset over Barra
White beaches at low tide

Cornaig Beach
Houses, The Green
Rocks by The Green
The Green
View to East
View to West

All Weather Surface
Cornaigmore Mill
Cornaigmore School
Mill at Cornaigmore
The Green

Beach & Dunes Traigh Bhagh
Ben Hynish from Traigh Bhagh
Crossapol & Ben Hough
Crossapol across Traigh Bhagh
Crossapol from Baugh
Rainbow over Traigh Bhagh
The Reef
Wild flowers Crossapol
Windsurfer at Crossapol
Windsurfing at Crossapol
Windsurfing on Traigh Bhagh

Dun Mor Broch
Broch on a hillock above sea
Dry stone walls
Hollow dry stone walls
Rooms within broch
Stairway inside Vaul Broch
Thick broch walls

Ferry Terminal, Gott Bay
An Turas, Gott Bay
An Turas, Tiree
Clansman on a calm winter's day
Gott Pier from the ferry
MV Clansman arriving Tiree
MV Lord of the Isles
Pier from Oban ferry
The link span Tiree
Trucks driving onto the Clansman

Ferry Trip from Oban
Ardnamurchan Lighthouse
Ardnamurchan from Lord of the Isles
Ben Nevis
Duart Castle & Mull Ferry
Evening sun over Isle of Coll
Leaving the Isle of Coll
Lismore Lighthouse in Winter
Lismore Lighthouse
Oban sea front
Rescue Craft
Sunset in the Sound of Mull
Sunset over stern ramp
Tobermory / Balamory
Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Ferry from Oban
Ardnamurchan - Britain's most westerly point
Ardnamurchan Peninsula
Duart Castle, Isle of Mull
MV Clansman

Basalt dyke eroded by sea
Crystals eroded out by sea
Fractures displacing banding
Gniess on Tiree
Lewisian Gniess
Quartz crystals in banding

Gott Bay
Gott Bay & Scarinish
Gott Bay from Ruaig
Lamb & Scarinish
Rocks at Gott Bay
Waves crossing Gott Bay
Waves on Gott Bay
Windsurfers, Gott Bay
Gott Bay & Kirkapol Church
Gott Bay & Mull
Gott Bay Rainbow
Jura from Gott Bay
Kirkapol Church, Gott Bay
Lamb by Gott Bay
Post Box at Gott Bay
Tide out at Gott Bay
Tiree Lodge Hotel
Windsurfers on Gott Bay

Happy Valley
Beach at Happy Valley
Boulders at Happy Valley
Happy Valley Beach
Natural Arches at Happy Valley
Rocks and sand at low tide
Rocky south-west coast
Sand and gravel beach
Sand at low tide
Sea Monsters at Happy Valley
Small beach near Happy Valley
Sun on the waves and rocks
The 'Golf Ball' from Happy Valley
View from cliffs
View from hills above
Waves on beach pebbles
Waves on the beach

Helicopter Photographs
Balemartine from above the sea
Balephetrish Bay from the air
Balephuil & Kennavara from the air
Caoles, Gunna and Coll beyond
Gott Bay & Kirkapol
Gott Bay and Kirkapol
Gott Pier from the air
Hough Beach from the air
Hynish from the air
Kennavara, Ben Houghl & Kilkenneth
Kirkapol Chapels & Tiree Lodge Hotel
Kite Surfing on Gott Bay
Pier & Dry Dock at Hynish
Rocks at Hynish
Sandaig & Ben Hough from the air

Hough Beach
Ben Hough above beach
Ben Hough and beach
Between Balevullin and Hough Beach
Hough Beach
Looking West along Hough Beach
Machair and sands at Hough
West of Balevullin

Coastline at Hynish
Dry Dock, Hynish
Harbour at Hynish
Lighthouse Keepers' Cottages
Signal Tower, Hynish
Swans near Hynish

Balephuil & Loch a'Phuill
Balephuil from Kennavara
Cairn on summit of Kennavara
Kennavara Tiree
May Primroses
Sandaig & Ben Hough
Sandaig from Kennavara
Sea Cliffs of Kennavara

Kilkenneth Chapel and Ben Hough
Ruined Kilkenneth Chapel
Ruins of Kilkenneth Chapel
Walls of Kilkenneth Chapel

Arches Kirkapol Chapel
Graves at Kirkapol Chapel
Kirkapol Chapels
Kirkapol Chapel
Old Kirkapol Chapel
Ruaig through a Kirkapol arch

Loch Bhasapol
Beach and car park
Boats and Ben Hough
Crannog and Ben Hynish
Windsurfers and Ben Hough

Incoming tide, Mannal
Mannal from Ben Hynish
Mannal from Hynish
Mannal from the rocks
Mannal with Balemartine beyond
Mannal with Crossapol beyond
Road through Mannal
White sand at Mannal

Caoles Broch
Caoles from the Broch
Dun Mor
Milton & distant Mull
Milton Harbour
Ruaig & Soa Island

Beach pebbles Tiree
Cup marks on The Ringing Stone
Happy Valley beach pebbles
Surf on pebbled beach
Tiree Wave

Moss & Hough
Ben Hough
MacCallum's Cairn
Moss Standing Stone
Moss Stone Circle

Panoramas East
Brock & Gott Bay
Caolas facing north
Caolas facing south
Gott Bay Panorama
Gott Bay
Gott Pier
Ruaig and Gott Bay

Panoramas West
Balephuil Dunes
Happy Valley
Moss Stone Circle
Sandaig and Ben Hough
The Maze, Ben Hynish & Kennavara

Patrick's Temple
Balephuil and Ben Hynish
Balephuil from Patrick's Temple
Beach at Balephuil
Carved cross in rock
Cross at Patrick's Temple
Patrick's Temple on slopes of Kennavara

Port Ban
Mountains of Mull from Port Ban
Port Ban beach and Mull
Port Ban beach and cottage
Port Ban inlet and beach
Port Ban rocks and beach
Port Ban, Isle of Tiree

Brock and Ruaig from Gott Bay
Ruaig and Gott Bay
Ruined cottage above Ruaig
Swans in flight near Ruaig
Swans near Ruaig

Beach at Salum looking east
Beach at Salum
Beach looking West
Vaul from Salum

Ceann a' Mhara
Nesting seabirds on Kennavara
Sandaig Island Life Museum
Sandaig, Middleton & Ben Hough
Traigh nan Gilean
Wild flowers on Kennavara

Boats in the Old Harbour
Low tide in the Old Harbour
Mull & Treshnish Islands
Scarinish Old Harbour
Scarinish from the sea
Sgeir Chorrach
An Iodhlann
Fishing boat, Scarinish
Fishing off Scarinish
Leaving Scarinish Old Harbour
Mary Stewart, Scarinish
Road through Scarinish
Scarinish Hotel
Scarinish across Gott Bay
Sea Tour returns to Scarinish
Traditional Houses

Single track roads
At Balephetrish
At Balephetrish
At Caolas
At Mannal
At Ruaig
At Ruaig

Approaching Skerryvore Lighthouse
Basking Shark
Light on Skerryvore
Skerryvore Lighthouse
Skerryvore and its reef
Tiree from Skerryvore Lighthouse

Soroby Beach after a storm
Soroby Beach in January
Soroby Graveyard
War graves in Soroby Cemetery

The Maze
Beach & Kennavara
Dunes & sand at Maze Beach
Dunes of Maze Beach
Kennavara and flowers on the machair
Kennavara from Maze Beach
Kennavara from The Maze
Machair flowers at Maze Beach
Rocks and sand at Maze Beach
The Maze beach & dunes
Tiree Wave Classic 2005
Tiree Wave Classic 2005
Tiree Wave Classic 2005
Tiree Wave Classic 2005
Tiree Wave Classic 2005
Tiree Wave Classic 2005
Traigh Thallasgair
White sands at Maze Beach

The Ringing Stone
Ancient 'Cup' marked rock Tiree
Clach a' Choire Tiree
Decorated granodiorite boulder on Tiree
Erratic boulder from Rum
Tiree rock which 'rings' like a bell

Tiree Airport
Airport Buildings and Tower
Airport Buildings
Flight to Tiree landing
Plane approaching airport buildings
Plane over Ben Hynish

Tiree Road Signs
At Balephetrish Bay
At Moss Church
Outside Balemartine

Tiree's Changing Seasons
Low Tide & Sea Weed
Winter Sun, Caoles

Transport to Tiree
Barra ferry passing Gunna

Blackhouse with Rum
Cattle on the beach
Rum, Eigg & Coll from Vaul
Sunset over Vaul
Vaul Beach

Views from Tiree
Dubh Artach lighthouse lies 29 km west of Colonsay and 24 km south-west of the Ross of Mull. Designed by Thomas Stevenson with a height of 44 m was erected between 1867 and 1872. This lighthouse is not visible from sea level from Tiree but can be spotted in very clear conditions from the hills around Hynish and Happy Valley.
Jura and Islay
Jura from Tiree
Outer Hebrides from Tiree

Sand yachts on Gott Bay
Tiree Wave Classic 2008
Tiree Wave Classic 2008

Weather Photographs
Wind on waves at Gott Bay

Wild Flowers
Bog Asphodel
Bog Cotton
Common Cat's Ear
Common Centaury
Common Spotted Orchid
Common Spotted Orchid
Iris Pseudacorus
Lady's Smock
Ragged Robin
Ragged robin
Red Clover
Sea Campion
Flower on the summit of Ben Hynish

Flying Geese
Geese near Barrapol
Geese with Loch a' Phuill
Seals at Caolas, Tiree
Young Hare at Caolas

Balemartine from the sea
Balephuil Beach - Click to enlarge!
Rainbow over Crossapol
Ardnamurchan from MV Lord of the Isles
Post Box
Signal Tower, Hynish
Milton Harbour
Remains of the Mary Stewart
Tiree Wild Flower

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