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Tiree is the most westerly island in the Inner Hebrides which lie off the west coast of Scotland. It is a much photographed and painted location due to the outstanding natural beauty of the island and stunning mix of colours. This website presents a mixed selection of the Isle of Tiree images I have taken myself plus links to other sites also displaying images from fine art prints to high altitude aerial photographs to holiday snaps.

Tiree, Scarinish

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Isle of Tiree Gott Bay

Vaul Broch, Isle of Tiree

Tiree Happy Valley on the southwest corner

Tiree, Kirkapol Chapel, Gott Bay

Tiree Windsurfing

The above links are mainly to locations on Tiree, Scotland. I have organised my photographs into 'collections' based on places around the island. In addition, there are also some theme based pages such as aerial images, beaches, buildings, historical sites and wildflowers.

On each 'collection' page I've written some notes relating to the images shown and hopefully offering some helpful information about Tiree's economy, history of Tyree, placename meanings, weather, wildlife, tourism, activities & watersports. I have also included an overview of the Isle of Tiree including simple maps. Also, check out the current Tiree Weather and Tiree in the News pages!

Tiree is about 20 x 10km in size. There are wide expanses of flat machair, but also half a dozen modest hills dotted around the island. This is one of Britain's sunniest locations but exposure to the North Atlantic also makes it one of the windiest places. Courtesy of the Gulf Stream, the Isle of Tiree has mild and virtually frost free weather and has probably been inhabited by man since shortly after the last Ice Age, possible more than 8000 years.

The landscape and structures you see on the island today evolved from generations of agriculture, land division and Scottish building styles. Tiree's crofting system of farming, long gone industries, such as kelp harvesting, the hardships of the 19th century potato famine with the resultant migrations and the dramatic events of the 20th century possibly having maximum impact.

Photographs here try to capture the many facets of Tiree and allow the website visitor to explore much of the Isle virtually. All images can be viewed in larger format by clicking the on-page smaller ones and those above are available at A B C D E & F. Check out the panoramas. I will add new Tiree photographs as I take them, so please, come back soon!


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