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Place names on the Isle of Tiree are mainly of Gaelic origin or Gaelicised Norse dating back 800-1000 years and derived from Viking occupation. In this list it's about half Gaelic, half Norse.

Balemartine from the sea

Baugh Sunset

Tiree Lodge Hotel and Kirkapol Church
Gott Bay

Happy Valley
Happy Valley

Sea Cliffs, Kennavara

Ruaig & Brock

Houses Scarinish

Vaul Broch

Balemartine / Baile Mhartainn - Gaelic: Martin's farm

Balephetrish / Baile Pheadrais - Gaelic: Petrus's farm

Balephuil / Baile a' Phuill - Gaelic: the farm by the bog

Balevullin / Baile a' Mhuilinn - Gaelic: the farm by the mill

Balinoe / Am Baile Nodha - Gaelic: the new farm

Barrapol / Goirtean Domhnaill - Norse: the farm by the rocky mound, Gaelic: Donald's field

Baugh / Am Bagh - Gaelic: the bay

Brock / Am Brog - Norse: the fort

Caoles / An Caolas - Gaelic: the narrows

Cornaig - Norse: the corn bay

Cornaigbeg / Cornaig Bheag - little Cornaig

Cornaigmore / Cornaig Mhor - big Cornaig

Crossapol - Norse: the cross farm

Gott / Got - meaning unknown, possible Norse

Green (The) / Port Bhiostadh - Gaelic: port of the farmstead, English from net drying green

Greenhill / Grianal - Norse: the green field

Happy Valley - English: one time Guides' summer camp

Heanish / Hianais - Norse: outlying headland

Heylipol / An Cruairtean - Norse: the holy farm, Gaelic: the hard field

Hough / Hogh - Norse: the rocky hillock

Hynish / Haoidhnis - Norse: the high headland

Kennavara / Ceann a' Mhara - Gaelic: the head of the cliff

Kenovay / Ceann a' Bhaigh - Gaelic: the head of the bay

Kilkenneth / Cill Choinnich - Gaelic: the Church of St Kenneth

Kilmaluaig / Cill Mo Luaig - Gaelic: the Church of Mo Luaig

Kirkapol / Circepol - Norse: the church farm

Mannal - Norse: a man's field

Middleton / Am Baile Meadhanach - Gaelic: the farm or village in the middle

Miodar / Am Miodar - Norse: possibly the shallow valley

Moss / A' Mhointeach Ruadh - Gaelic: the red moss

Port Ban - Gaelic: the fair harbour

Reef (The) / An Ruighe - unknown, possible Norse

Ruaig / Ruthaig - Norse: clear bay

Salum / Sathalum - Norse: the sheep isle

Sandaig / Sanndaig - Norse: the sandy bay

Scarinish / Sgairinis - Norse: the cormorant's headland

Skerryvore / Sgeir Mhor - Gaelic: the big rock

Soroby / Soiribidh - Norse: the muddy village

Tiree / Tiriodh - Gaelic: the land of corn

Urvaig / An Urhaig - Norse: the bay of rubble

Vaul / Bhalla - Norse: a hill


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